Brand Equity Study for a skincare brand


The personal care category is cluttered with many brands. The client is an investor in one of the leading skincare brands in India – and would like to evaluate the brand’s market performance in order to aid the client in the decision-making process on whether to sell or retain their investments in the personal care brand

The Ask


  • The research aims to provide insights into the brand’s current market position, consumer behavior patterns, competitive landscape, and growth potential
  • This includes assessing the brand’s perceived quality, brand awareness, brand associations, brand loyalty, and other relevant factors that contribute to its equity in the market



  • Aggressive marketing and ingredient-led story of the brand helped create a strong pull amongst consumers
  • Despite lapsers’ poor experience with product, the brand holds a positive perception owing to strong WOM
  • There are some hero products of the brand, but the new variants have not been able to establish a strong place in the market

Hence, the brand affinity is strong but yet to establish strong brand love – which can be done by building core essence [beyond ingredients] and stand for a larger purpose

The Approach

  • For a nuanced understanding of businesses across industries and scales, we did depth interviews with Senior IT professional across 5 industries [BFSI, Services, Manufacturing, IT and Education] and 3 business scales [Small, Semi-Medium, Medium]