Product testing study for a texture brand


There has been an issue of comprehension regarding the usage of cement-based textures among consumers [applicators / contractors]

The Ask


  • The client wanted to conduct a research to test the product with the applicator segment to understand their feedback on key parameters i.e. ease of application, designs obtained, strength, drying time, color, coverage, etc.
  • This study was be done in a comparative context – both acrylic and cement textures [our product + competition products]
  • Thereby enabling the product team to make further development if necessary



  • Acrylic products are ready made and hence easier to use. Powder products offer a sense of control [as can create a texture as per own liking], however is more time consuming to create
  • The size of the granules is critical – if too granular it impacts ease of usage and if not very granular, the design is not shown clearly
  • For exterior, the size & how prominent the design is more critical – needs to be easily seen from a distance
  • For interior, the finish of the design / the consistency of the design is more crucial – seen up close, hence cannot be shabby

The Approach

We adopted a two-pronged approach

  • Category understanding
  • Product testing [pre application, during application and post application] & comparative evaluation of the products

For a nuanced understanding of the individual experience, we did depth interviews before the application process followed by product testing across 2 days