Study to understand cloud and managed services for a Telecom Company 


The market for IT managed services is growing but crowded. Hence, the client needs to evaluate how it can add value and fulfil the need gaps when entering in a different nature of work which other service providers may be better suited to handle specific tasks.

The Ask


  • The client wants to understand the current usage & attitude towards IT Service Management, comprehend Need Gap & Outlook
  • Some of the factors considered : Cost, Quicker services, Gaps faced at present, hidden differentiators, etc.


The perception and appeal towards Cloud and IT manage service differ across the scales of businesses:

  • Small Scale – Are less aware about technology and hence lack expertise
  • Semi-Medium – Are inclined to adopt solutions however cost restraints act as a barrier
  • Medium –  Seek to maximize technology to seek competitive edge

Further multiple factors such as expertise, customer support, brand reputation, discounting and pricing play a crucial role

The Approach

  • For a nuanced understanding of businesses across industries and scales, we did depth interviews with Senior IT professional across 5 industries [BFSI, Services, Manufacturing, IT and Education] and 3 business scales [Small, Semi-Medium, Medium]