Exploratory study on the leisure & content consumption habits of children for a major kids’ channel


  • Recently, the channel experienced a decline in BARC numbers regarding time spent
  • The client wanted to understand the popular characters among kids across various mediums—TV, digital media, social media, comics, toys, video games, manga, mobile games, etc. 
  • To address this, strengthening content is crucial, which requires an in-depth understanding of the consumer

The Ask


  • The leisure activities and lifestyles of kids and how they engage with brands
  • The content consumption habits of kids across different platforms.
  • How leisure activities and lifestyles influence content consumption habits



  • There not only emerged age and gender-wise differences but also city and zone-wise
  • Aim to achieve success and earn a lot of money to lead a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Find their role models in characters or people who are successful, honest, and respected in the society
  • A lot of older children esp. girls are also looking at ‘influencers’ as their role models
  • Social media is transforming the lives of these kids esp. older kids by shaping their role models, content preferences, and overall awareness
  • For older kids, their materialistic aspirations involve buying luxury items and are also more brand specific Whereas younger kids still like to own cartoon related stuff
  • Kids today mostly gravitate towards gadgets than TV
  • With low attention spans kids want something that is short or keeps one hooked. Tutorials help them learn more and keep themselves updated. YouTube, hence, becomes the most preferred source of entertainment

The Approach

  • We conducted Ethnographies with younger kids aged 7-10 years and spent time with them understanding their routine, their TV and digital consumption and manner of consumption, observed them performing their leisure activities, even spoke to their family members to understand the kid even better
  • We conducted Extended Depth Interview at home with children aged between 12-14 years for a deeper understanding – their life & world and how the lifestyle determines content preference