A post marriage conflict study for a mega GEC channel to refresh their identity


  • Consumers were finding their characters & story predictable and not new
  • The need was for fresh / new content that generates curiosity and leaves them guessing

The Ask


  • Their shows’ promise is only “love after marriage”, and currently want to explore the challenges and aspirations post marriage
  • Find out how the married woman is leading her life after the honeymoon phase of the married life ends
  • The key objective was to garner sharp insights around females & males that will feed into content – character building programming ideas, story-line or tracks



  • Bucketed her conflicts basis the various aspects and relationships in her life
  • Created archetypes basis the different women we met with different personality traits and core nature
  • The learning is that each does have some unique issues, but mostly they all face similar issues. The difference lies in how each persona / archetype faces these conflicts
  • We learnt how each one is different as a DIL, wife, SIL and how she manages these relationships
  • What each one’s desires, expectations, ambitions, fears and concerns are

The Approach

  • What comes post love will come from understanding conflicts in a women’s life post marriage & how the relationship evolves. Hence, the approach taken will be focused on UNDERSTANDING CONFLICT POINTS in her life
  • A detailed one-on-one discussion allowing to pour her heart out and share POV on her life pre and post marriage This helped flesh out anecdotes wherever possible – acting as starting points for the creative team