Mapping the post-purchase journey of the Indian Policyholder to uncover pain points 


An Indian Insurance Repository in the process of developing and industry first platform to service the needs of the insurance policyholder from research to purchase, servicing up to benefit realization. Therefore, sought to understand the needs of the policyholder to develop impactful positioning, marketing and a communication strategy to create awareness & relevance of the platform 

The Ask


  • Uncover the challenges the policyholder is faced with in the post insurance purchase journey and benefit realization, thereby identifying their needs from an insurance platform
  • To juxtapose the policyholder’s challenges with the insurers’ perspective to arrive at valuable insights 



  • Insurance is a complex subject with many policyholders exhibiting low awareness and understanding about the terms and benefits of their policy, because of this, the category remains low involvement as consumers prefer to rely on intermediaries [agents, relationship managers]  for assistance and support 
  • Low awareness coupled with a lack of clarity from the insurers end leads to misaligned expectations and eventually inadequate benefit realization 
  • Mis-selling on the part of the intermediary leads to misinterpretations and claim rejections causing an erosion of trust in the insurer
  • Cumbersome processes cause delays wrt benefit realization causing policyholders to rely heavily on intermediaries 

The Approach

  • The initial challenge was to nuance the different activities performed post-purchase splitting into two clusters – transactions and claims process – further nuanced by number of policies held among life and general insurance. This allowed us to clearly understand the customers involvement levels with different kinds of insurance. The claims process brought to light the multiple challenges faced and impact on customer loyalty to insurance companies