UI/UX evaluation and brand positioning study for an all-in-one broking platform 


The online broking category has witnessed a disruption by discount broking platforms which has challenged full-service brokers. The full-service broker is now looking to leverage their experience along with advanced technology to attract investors and traders to compete with market leaders 

The Ask


  • Uncover the trader/investors journey with their current discount broking/full-service platforms to learn the key attractors and detractors to the platform and the delighters and challenges faced while using the platform 
  • Evaluate the UI/UX of the new platform to learn what are the differentiators of the platform that can be communicated



  • Out of all the different types of trader, those taking share delivery do not utilize as many features of the platform
  • Those using full-service brokers tend to use the website for transactions as opposed to the app, which is mainly used to check portfolio 
  • While traders were comfortable using multiple third party apps for fundamental and technical analysis and strategy building, now demand that all of these tools be bundled within the same platform to avoid the added time
  • Investors/traders primarily choose platforms that are considered trustworthy, this is determined by the legacy of the brand and long standing experience in the market as well as the reputation in their social circles 

The Approach

  • We segmented our target audience Pan India by broking platform, type of trading preferred [Share delivery, Intraday and Futures & Options]  and traders lapsers from the client’s broking platform 
  • After understanding their journey with equity, consumers took us through their current platform highlighting the key features used regularly and the pain points of the platform. 
  • Consumers were made to download a beta version of the new platform, login and evaluate the UI/UX