Pathfinding study to revive a legacy tobacco brand


Create a sharper growth plan and design a marketing, communication and engagement strategy to revive the brand

The Ask


  • Arrive at a set of modern, futuristic values using which the brand can be kept relevant for years to come
  • Understand how to modernize the brand and make it more relevant to the present-day smoker in its core space
  • Gain an in depth understanding of the modern UP man of today – thereby deriving modern cues/values he lives by – what is the present-day value system he operates in



  • A deeply rooted brand – has traditional moorings and consistent imagery as a solid, no-frills and impactful cigarette brand 
  • Is a simple brand that has always been reliable and dependable – nothing fancy or overtly glamorous about it
  • Low price and a simple product/pack imbibes a strong middle-class, proletarian ethic that is honest and down-to-earth
  • Any attempts at re-renditioning the brand needs a gradual, measured move towards modernization – just like the UP Man.   
  • Any sudden or drastic move towards modernization may end up upsetting the brand core – drastic design (pack) changes, communication changes or product changes would be fatal to the brand core.  

The Approach


We adopted a two-pronged approach

  • Building a base via understanding modernity cues of the UP man
  • Mapping brand values – what kind of spaces are these values operating in

Thereby, arrive at a path on how to marry both for modernizing the brand & keep it relevant for the present-day consumer